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About Sunseeker Malta

Our Story

Sunseeker Malta Limited was set up in 2010 to take up the Sunseeker dealership. By 2011, the Company set up a luxury office in Portomaso Marina, the location being home to high-net-worth individuals, surrounded by luxury apartments and retail outlets, restaurants, casino and Hilton Malta.

Sunseeker Malta enjoys a significant client retention percentage and repeat business. The Company established itself as the absolute leader in the direct sale in Malta of Brand New Yachts from 28 to 40 meters. This success was achieved on the basis that we always delivered what we promised to our esteemed customers. Sunseeker Malta’s success could not have been achieved without the investment in a great in-house after-sales team composed of over 20 highly full-time skilled individuals that allow the Company to cover all aspects of after-sales through a 100% owned subsidiary known as Yachthub Services and Management Limited. No other brand in Malta is supported in a similar way.

Apart from selling New Sunseeker Yachts, Sunseeker Malta is very active on the Brokerage of Pre-Owned Yachts, operates the most successful Luxury Yacht Charter division on the Island, and manages a couple of commercially and privately owned yachts based in Malta.

Sunseeker Malta Limited is a subsidiary of Yachthub Group Limited. Through the group companies, we employ in excess of 50 individuals and we are probably the only group of companies that covers all aspects of boating on the Island that include, memberships boating, water sports centres, yacht charters, marina management, and the distribution of world-class power sports products including Sea-doo.

Our Promise

We promise you a hassle-free ownership experience from the minute you make contact with us all the way through the holding of your yacht. We want to make sure that like the majority of our clients you become a repeat customer of Sunseeker Malta. Our team of professionals will be able to consult you on the yacht that best meets your requirements, will follow up your build process and any retrofitting, will assist you during your delivery and will offer you the necessary training so that if you are not an experienced boater, you manage to gain the necessary confidence to enjoy your boating. If you are an experienced boater, you will appreciate more our team’s vast experience in the sector.

Malta a Tax-Efficient Jurisdiction

A Non-EU National Buying a Yacht through Sunseeker Malta

If you are a Non-EU National (including British) and you wish to purchase a yacht Ex-VAT, we have the solution. If you are eligible for this status, you can buy a Sunseeker for private use in EU Waters with no VAT payable under the Temporary Admission rules. This implies that the yacht is registered under a non-EU Flag in your private name and you can use the yacht in EU waters for 18 months. After that period you need to sail your yacht out of EU waters, obtain a stamp from non-EU port authority and then return for a further 18 months under Temporary Admission/Temporary Importation status.

An EU National Buying a Yacht through Sunseeker Malta

If on the other hand, you are an EU National you may wish to buy the boat in your name and pay 18% Maltese VAT upon the purchase of the yacht, or you may wish to avail from the benefits offered by the “Operating Lease Structure”. This structure requires that the yacht is purchased by a Maltese Company, the yacht is leased to you over the lifetime of the yacht, that, for the purpose of the law may be a maximum of 15 years. Maltese VAT at 18% is payable on the monthly lease payments. The Yacht will only be VAT paid once the full 18% VAT is paid. However, a yacht owner might decide to sell his Yacht say during the first three years. In this case, you would sell the yacht at a depreciated value plus 18% VAT or else if the purchaser is eligible to purchase the yacht ex-Tax, you would sell ex-tax without incurring further VAT payments. The Operating Lease Structure results in an annual VAT payment of less than 1%, however, if you use the Yacht outside EU Waters, the % of such usage would be reduced from the % VAT paid per annum.

An EU Charter Company Buying a Yacht Through Sunseeker Malta

Talk to us to learn more about how you can buy a Yacht ex-tax when you are looking at operating a charter vessel. A reduced rate of VAT applies for yachts starting and ending in Malta

A winning formula

The Maltese Tax Efficient Platform coupled with our advantageous offers and our team’s valuable advice on the yacht that can meet your requirements is a winning formula for you and Sunseeker Malta team.

Sunseeker Malta:
+356 2138 5678

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